Decreased Blood Pressure Among Hypertensives

H37-BP-Meta-AnalysisThis meta-analysis located in the published literature 107 studies on stress reduction and blood pressure, of which 17 studies containing 23 treatment comparisons among 960 subjects met standard criteria for well-designed randomized control trials in which there were multiple studies for each treatment category for hypertensive patients. Among these studies, only the Transcendental Meditation Programme was found to have a statistically significant impact on reducing high blood pressure among hypertensive subjects. (p=.0002).Ref.Current Hypertension Reports 9: 520–528, 2007. voor volledig artikel click hier

Meta-Analysis: Decreased Systolic Blood Pressure

H39-Decreased-Systolic-BP-MetaThis study was a meta-analysis examining the effect of all published randomised, controlled clinical trials on the effects of the Transcendental Meditation program on blood pressure, comprising nine studies with 711 subjects. The Transcendental Meditation Programme was found to have a statistically significant impact of reducing systolic blood pressure. Among the three studies with the strongest research designs, the finding was slightly larger, giving another indication of the substantial nature of the effect.Ref.American Journal of Hypertension 21: 310–316, 2008

Decreased Systolic Blood Pressure among Cardiac Heart Disease Patients

H35-Reduced-Blood-Pressure-CHDThis randomized controlled clinical trial among individuals with stable cardiac heart disease found that 16 weeks of practice of the Transcendental Meditation Programme, in contrast to participation in a health education programme, led to a significant reduction in systolic blood pressure. Hypertension is one of the components of the ‘metabolic syndrome’, often associated with obesity, insulin resistance, and hyperlipidemia; this syndrome is a risk factor for cardiovascular morbidity and mortality.Ref.Archives of Internal Medicine 166: 1218–1224, 2006

Reduction of High Blood Pressure

H15-High-Bld-PressurePatients with high blood pressure who learned the Transcendental Meditation Programme showed a significant reduction of systolic and diastolic blood pressure after three months, in contrast to those randomly assigned to a control technique or to those who received education on how to reduce blood pressure through diet and exercise.Ref.Hypertension 26: 820–827, 1995